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Zaep Challenge Messages Are Rejected  -  KB Article #1320

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One of the statistics that Zaep collects is the number of challenge messages that were rejected by the sender's SMTP mail server. These messages are recorded under the "Invalid FROM Email Address" statistic. There are a variety of reasons why Zaep's challenge messages are rejected.

The first reason it can happen is that your email address is black listed by the receipient or their mail server. In order to determine if this is the case, contact the administrator or postmaster of the domain for more information.

Another common reason for this problem is that you're running Zaep on a dynamic IP address where the ISP attempts to stop you from directly sending email. In this case, your ISP provides a list of their dynamic IP addresses to other large ISPs and providers with instructions to reject any email coming from them. They may do this to prevent hacked machines from becoming spam relays or they may do it to prevent you from running your own mail server. AOL / Time Warner is one of the largest companies employing this method.

In order to get around this, you should instruct Zaep to relay its challenges through your ISP's SMTP mail server.

  • Open the Zaep Administration page by double-clicking the Zaep logo in your system tray next to the clock.
  • Click on "SMTP" and enter your ISP's SMTP server settings in the fields labeled "SMTP Server Port" and "SMTP Server Name/IP".
  • Click "Save Changes" and then open the "Preferences" page.
  • Check the box labeled "Relay challenges to SMTP server defined under SMTP server".

This ensures your Zaep challenges are sent through a recognized and accepted SMTP server. Unfortunately, Zaep will no longer be able to identify invalid email addresses or invalid domains since your ISP's mail server is performing the actual delivery. However, this only affects your statistics and NOT the functionality of Zaep.