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Adding Contacts to Zaep's White List  -  KB Article #1322

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Zaep version and higher support importing directly into an account's White List. To import follow these steps:

  • Login to the desired account.
  • Select the "White List" option.
  • Select the "Import White List" option.
  • Paste the email addresses you want to import into the field provided.
  • Select the "Import" option to import the email addresses.
  • After importing a message appears showing how many email messages were imported.

Zaep's import feature expects an email address on each line, or a line from an exported CSV file, for example as exported from Microsoft Outlook Express:

John Doe,,P.O. Box 53,Helenville,53137,WI,US,,,,,,,,,

NOTE: Zaep versions prior to do not support importing contact lists directly, however the best way to add your entire contact list to your Zaep white list is to create a message and send it to all of your contacts. Zaep automatically white lists email addresses that you send messages to. Follow these steps to send to everyone in your Microsoft Outlook Express contact list.

  • Before beginning this procedure, make sure your email client is using Zaep as its outgoing email server.
  • Start Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Select "File | New Mail Message".
  • Ensure "View | All Headers" is selected so the "Bcc" field appears.
  • In the "To" field, enter your email address.
  • In the "Bcc" field, select the icon to the right of "Bcc" to open your contact list.
  • Place everyone in your contact list into the "Bcc" list.
  • Select "OK" when done.
  • In the Subject field, enter a subject like "Zaep AntiSpam Address Approval".
  • In the body, type a message telling the recipients why you're sending this message. For example, "I'm sending you this message so you are added to my Zaep AntiSpam white list. You do not need to respond.".
  • Press the "Send" button to send the message.

Everyone in your contact list will be automatically added to your Zaep white list and everyone will be informed that you're using an anti-spam software solution. You should customize the message to make sure it is clear enough for people in your contact list.

NOTE: It is good netiquette to use "Blind Carbon Copy" (BCC) when sending messages to lots of unrelated recipients.

NOTE: Before sending to everyone on your contact list it's a good idea to send a single message to one individual, to make sure that email address is added to your white list.