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Backing Up Zaep Settings  -  KB Article #1329

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To backup the Zaep settings, you should make copies of the following files. All files and folders are found in the directory where you installed Zaep. By default this directory is: C:\Program Files\\Zaep

  • Zaep.Accounts - All of the email accounts defined in Zaep.
  • Zaep.Challenges - The current pending challenges.
  • Zaep.IPRanges - The "Approved" IP Ranges defined in Zaep.
  • Zaep.AllowedIPRanges - The "Allowed" IP Ranges defined in Zaep.
  • Zaep.ServerMaps - The mapped email domains defined in Zaep.
  • DefaultUser.ini - The template used when auto creating accounts.

In addition, all files stored in the "ChallengeTemplates" directory should be backed up. This directory contains the standard challenge and any custom challenges for accounts.

In addition to backing up these files, some configuration settings are saved on your computer's registry. If you're familiar with REGEDIT.EXE, backup this key:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Rhino Software\Zaep

If Zaep is installed as a mail server plug-in, the following files should also be backed up:

  • Zaep.AllowedDomains - The local mail domains allowed to use Zaep.
  • Plugin.Pending - Information on messages currently pending a challenge response.

In addition, back-up the entire "Pending" subdirectory found in the Zaep installation directory. This contains the messages that are currently pending a challenge response.