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Hiding Your Email Address from Spammers  -  KB Article #1354

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One common criticism of challenge response (CR) systems is that they prove to spammers that you have a real email address, confirming your existence, making your email address more valuable. Because most CR systems use your email address as the return address of a challenge message, your email address may be "approved" in certain mailing lists.

One good way to get around this problem is to use a no-reply email address. Basically, setup an email address like we have here, Setup your mail server so that you can send from that account, but the account receives no email messages at all.

Configure Zaep to use this "no-reply" email address for challenge messages:

  • Double click on the Zaep icon next to your system clock.
  • Select Accounts in the Zaep configuration page.
  • Double click on the account you want to configure.
  • Select preferences for the desired account.
  • Under Email address to use for challenge messages enter YOUR "no-reply" email address.
  • Select "Save Changes".