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Can't Launch File on FTP Server via Browser  -  KB Article #1362

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Most Internet browsers include basic FTP functionality so that FTP servers can be browsed from a browser without requiring another application. If a file that has a default application associated with it is double-clicked on, the browser will attempt to download it and launch it with the default application.

Sometimes, most commonly with media files such as WMV, MPG, and MP3, the default application is Windows Media Player, which is capable of downloading files as it plays them (streaming). In this case, Internet Explorer will attempt a server-to-server transfer (FXP) by coordinating the stream between Serv-U and Windows Media Player. If "Block FTP_bounce attacks" is checked under Serv-U Settings, this will not be possible.

To get around this, disable the "Block FTP_bounce attacks" option (which may may make Serv-U vulnerable to this type of attack), or you can download the file to your computer before attempting to open it. Directions for this are available at Knowledge Base Article #1059.