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Antivirus Vendors List Serv-U As A Virus  -  KB Article #1364

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Various antivirus vendors have listed Serv-U as a "potentially unwanted application", as a "virus", or as a "trojan horse" - all different names for types of "malware", or software that can damage your system. The files normally detected as malware are Serv-U.exe (in Serv-U 7.x and above) or ServUDaemon.exe and ServUAdmin.exe (in Serv-U 6.x and previous). It is important to note that these are not viruses - these are vital files for the operation of Serv-U. ServUDaemon.exe is the FTP engine used in Serv-U, ServUAdmin.exe is the administrative interface for Serv-U, and susetup.exe is the installer for Serv-U.

Vendors that have listed Serv-U as malware include:

If you find that your Serv-U installation has been damaged by an antivirus program and you are unable to recover the files, you'll need to reinstall Serv-U - you can install directly on top of your previous installation, and all settings should remain intact.

We have been unsuccessful in negotiating the removal of Serv-U from the detection lists of many antivirus vendors. However, we are continuing to work with them to have Serv-U removed as a false positive. In the interim, the solution is to add Serv-U to the "Exceptions" list in your antivirus program so that it is not deleted or damaged. We also recommend reporting these false positives to your antivirus vendors to encourage them to take action. If you find that your antivirus software is detecting Serv-U as a virus but is not listed here, please contact us to let us know.

Configuring McAfee VirusScan To Ignore Serv-U

To configure McAfee VirusScan to ingore Serv-U, use the guidelines below:

Location of option in McAfee

Location of option in McAfee

Alternative Antivirus Vendors

Grisoft AVG
NOD 32
Trend Micro Internet Security
Avast! AntiVirus


Unauthorized Use of Serv-U