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Using Power Transfer to Speed Multiple File Transfers  -  KB Article #1365

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Power transfer is a new option included in FTP Voyager 11, which opens multiple connections when transferring multiple files. Power transfers can decrease the time required to move files because while FTP and Internet overhead is occurring, FTP Voyager can be transferring the content of a file.

There are several ways to use power transfer. First select multiple files. Then either:

  • Right click the file and select Power Upload/Download.
  • Select Power Upload/Download from the File menu
  • Hit Shift+Ctrl+D (to download) or Shift+Ctrl+U (to upload)

Power Transfer can use anywhere from 2 to 10 simultaneous connections. The global configuration for Power Transfers is under View | Options | File Transfer | Power Download/Upload Threads. Instead, the number of connections can be configured for a site profile under Site Profile | Advanced | File Transfer. Check the box for "Use these file transfer settings instead of the global" and set the number of threads under Power Upload/Download Threads.

Power Transfer really shines when transferring many small files (such as an entire web site), since it eliminates much of the system overhead for starting many small FTP transfers.