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Bandwidth Throttling ("Transfer Rate") in FTP Voyager  -  KB Article #1366

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FTP Voyager supports bandwidth throttles which let users to control how much of a computer's Internet connection FTP Voyager may use in order to upload or download files.

Throttle settings are available at the global level ("Tools" ribbon, "Options" or "Scheduler Options" button). They are found on the main "Connection" node, under the "Transfer Rate" section. You may use these to separately enable or disable limits on uploads and downloads, and to set the limit placed in each direction.

FTP Client Transfer Rate

Older Versions (FTP Voyager and Previous Versions)

In older versions, this option can be set globally under View | Options | File Transfer, or under Advanced | File Transfer for individual site profiles. This option is not set by default.

File Transfer Options Window

Technical Application

In the current version (version 16+) of FTP Voyager, bandwidth limits are applied across all active transfers. For example, if two transfers have been initiated, and bandwidth usage is limited to 500 KB/sec, FTP Voyager will throttle full-speed transfers to around 250 KB/sec each, or might throttle one transfer to 400 KB/sec if the other transfer is only using 100 KB/sec at full speed (e.g., connected to a slow server).

In older versions (before version 16), bandwidth limits were applied individually to each active transfer. (Older versions called multiple transfers "Power Transfers.") For example, if two transfers were initiated in FTP Voyager version 15 and bandwidth usage was limited to 100 KB/sec, FTP Voyager would have used 200 KB/sec total, or 100 KB/sec for each transfer.