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FTP Voyager Scheduler and a Different User's Site Profile  -  KB Article #1393

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The current version (version 16+) of FTP Voyager stores separate site profiles for the interactive ("side-by-side") FTP client and the FTP Voyager Scheduler service. To share or switch site profiles between different users or the FTP Voyager Scheduler, please use the "Import/Export" utilities on the Site Manager or Scheduler Site Manager to create and consume files in a common area accessible to all users. (e.g., "C:\Users\Public\Documents")

Quick Copy of Interactive Site Profiles to Scheduler

To quickly copy individual site profiles from the interactive Site Profile Manager into the Scheduler Site Profile Manager, select any profile, right-click it, and select "Copy to Scheduler."

The copy that this process makes will not be linked in any way to the original site profile, but it will use the same name. Additional copies will not overwrite the first copy made, so please check the Scheduler Site Profile Manager after each copy to resolve any naming conflicts or delete old site profiles.

Older Versions (FTP Voyager and Previous Versions)

By default, the older versions of FTP Voyager Scheduler (before version 16) used the site profiles of the user who originally installed it. It was not possible to change to a different users site profile. This was because FTP Voyager stored site profiles on a per-user basis and Scheduler could only access one set of site profiles - the sites for the user account used to install FTP Voyager. To correct this, a user could:

  1. Uninstall FTP Voyager.
  2. Reinstall FTP Voyager using the user account that should be used to manage FTP Voyager Scheduler.
  3. In the future, log in as this user account to make any changes to Site Profiles or schedules.

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