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Automatic Rename Option  -  KB Article #1394

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FTP Voyager can automatically rename files after uploading or downloading them. This feature is useful if files on the server are required to have a specific extension, yet you require a different extension to work with them locally (such as .html vs. .htm).

First, configure the extensions you'd like automatically renamed after transferring the file using FTP Voyager. This is done from View | Options | Auto Rename. You can configure a different set of rules for uploading and downloading.

Auto Rename Options

The auto rename function is available on a per site profile basis. This means that in order for the auto rename rules to be used, auto rename must be enabled for specific profiles in your Site Profile Manager. To enable this option, open the Site Profile Manager and click Advanced... | File. Check the appropriate box to enable/disable Automatic Rename on pload/Download.

Enabling/Disabling Auto Rename in the Site Profile Manager