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How Does Dynamic DNS Work?  -  KB Article #1408

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DNS is the Domain Name System that is used to translate domain names in to IP addresses. To understand this, imagine if you could give a name to your telephone number. When a friend asked for your phone number, you could tell them "John's Phone" rather than a 10-digit number that is much more difficult to memorize. When they called you, they would use the name rather than a number. But since the phone system is based on numbers, something would have to translate that name in to your 10-digit phone number. In today's technological world, the address book in your cellular phone might do this type of translation for you. However, on the Internet the Domain Name System translates a domain name in to an IP address.

In the past, you needed a static IP address, or an IP address that never changed, in order to manage a domain name. This is a problem because most Internet users have a dynamic IP address, or an IP address that can change (sometimes frequently). DNS4Me is a DNS service that bridges this gap by routinely updating the IP address mapped to your domain name whenever it changes on your machine. It not only lets you use a dynamic IP address with a domain name, but you can choose to use a subdomain of one of our domains (such as or you can transfer DNS service to us for a top-level domain that you've purchased from a name registrar.

Now that you understand how dynamic DNS works, you might be asking why?

Once you have the ability to point visitors to your computer regardless of its current address, you have complete control over the content you choose to share with them. You can host your own web site without paying for a hosting service. You can share files with friends and family without paying for server space or extra bandwidth (depending on your ISP). You can host Internet games like Counter-strike or Battlefield 1942 for your clan without forcing them to check a web page for your current IP address. You simply give them your domain name and it's all taken care of!

DNS4Me gives you the power and control over your content and its delivery. When you have the ability to fine tune everything, you're leveraging the power of the Internet.