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Enabling QuickTime Movies in Web Browser  -  KB Article #1414

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In order for your web browser to allow QuickTime movies to be played, you must enter a SOCKS proxy server in your web browser's proxy settings. Follow these steps for your browser.

Internet Explorer
Follow these steps to configure Internet Explorer to use a SOCKS proxy:

  • Start Internet Explorer
  • Select "Tools | Internet Options | Connection"
  • Select "LAN Settings..."
  • Select "Advanced...". If unavailable remove the check mark for using the same server for all protocols.
  • In the advanced dialog enter your AllegroSurf server IP address and WWW Proxy port in all protocols except SOCKS.
  • Enter your AllegroSurf SOCKS server's IP address and port number into the SOCKS field. The normal SOCKS port is 1080.

Mozilla Firefox
Follow these steps to configure Mozilla Firefox to use a SOCKS proxy:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox
  • Select "Tools | Options | General | Connection Settings".
  • Select "Manual Proxy Configuration".
  • Enter the IP address and port (normally port 80) of your WWW proxy server into each protocol except SOCKS.
  • Enter the IP address and port (normally port 1080) of your SOCKS server into the SOCKS protocol field.