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Starting FTP Voyager Scheduler  -  KB Article #1415

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The FTP Voyager Scheduler is included with FTP Voyager. No separate download is required. To start the FTP Voyager Scheduler follow these steps:

  • Select "Start | Programs | FTP Voyager".
  • Select "FTP Voyager Scheduler"
  • The FTP Voyager Scheduler will start.

To start the FTP Voyager Scheduler within FTP Voyager follow these steps:

  • Start FTP Voyager.
  • Select "Cancel" when the "FTP Site Profile" dialog appears.
  • Ensure FTP Voyager is not running in Simple Mode as found in "View | Simple Mode".
  • While in "Advanced" or "non-simple" mode Select "Schedule | Show/Start Scheduler" from the FTP Voyager menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcut "Alt+S" to immediately open FTP Voyager Scheduler.