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Customizing AllegroSurf's Error Messages  -  KB Article #1432

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When a client computer receives an error (such as 403 Forbidden) while connecting to a site, AllegroSurf displays a standard message to the client. AllegroSurf versions 7 and later allow the system administrator to customize these error messages.

The pages must be designed as standard HTML documents, and can contain whatever message the Administrator wishes to be displayed. Once the custom messages have been created, you can add them by going to Servers | WWW Proxy Server, select the WWW option. More details on generating HTML documents is available at

Configuring WWW custom messages

Click Add, then define which error you want to put a custom message in for. Enter the path to the custom HTML document with the new error message and hit OK. The custom HTML document will now be used by AllegroSurf.

Custom error message configuration

NOTE: These instructions apply to AllegroSurf versions 7.0 or later. If you are using AllegroSurf or earlier, article 1258 can explain how to customize the 403 response.