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Using TextPipe with FTP Voyager Transfer Tweak Add-On  -  KB Article #1497

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The FTP Voyager Transfer Tweak Add-On gives external programs the opportunity to process and edit files that are about to be uploaded or after they are downloaded from an FTP server. In conjunction with TextPipe Pro, this allows for very powerful and flexible text file processing. In order to demonstrate the possibilities, we've compiled a list of useful TextPipe scripts that automate the process of compacting and cleaning up HTML files before they are uploaded to an FTP server. Smaller HTML files not only conserve space on your web server, but also result in faster load times for browsers of your Web Site.

TextPipe For more information on TextPipe, visit the website. A free 30-day trial is available.

  • Optimize HTML - This script optimizes your HTML pages by removing extra white space, empty blank lines, and HTML comments from files. Execute this script upon upload to reduce HTML page size while your local copy maintains the extra formatting.
  • Remove Dreamweaver Tags - This script removes Dreamweaver specific comment tags that aren't necessary for the display of the HTML page.
  • Remote FrontPage Meta Tags - This script removes the extra meta tags that Microsoft FrontPage inserts throughout HTML pages.
  • Remove Extra FrontPage Tags - This script removes "div", "tbody", and "span" tags inserted by Microsoft FrontPage in to HTML pages.
  • Remove FrontPage TOC Tags - This script removes "toc" tags inserted in to HTML pages by Microsoft FrontPage.
  • Remove FrontPage Webbot Tags - This script removes the webbot HTML comments from HTML pages that were inserted by Microsoft FrontPage.
  • Remove VBScript and JavaScript - This script will remove all instances of VBScript and JavaScript from HTML pages.