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Adding Users To AllegroSurf  -  KB Article #1561

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Adding accounts in AllegroSurf requires a few simple steps.

  1. Start by going to Programs | AllegroSurf | AllegoSurf Voyager
  2. Select Users and Groups and expand to reveal Users
  3. Right click Users, and select new. A User Properties window will appear:

User Properties Dialogue

User ID
Specify the User ID here. The User ID is used by AllegroSurf to refer to the user. When the user wants to login to AllegroSurf, he will enter the User ID you specify here. The User ID is also used as the audit file name when auditing information for a user. An example user name might be "Joe" if the user's real name is "Joseph Smith".

Real Name
Specify the user's real name here. This field is used only for descriptions and is not used for login or identification purposes. An example would be "Joseph Smith."

Enter the user's password. You must also enter exactly the same password below in the "Confirm Password" field. Passwords are letter case sensitive.

Confirm Password
Enter the same password as the one specified above. This is used for to ensure the password is what you expect it to be, avoiding typing errors.

Enter an optional description about the user. This field is only used to help you to identify the user and can be empty.

Account enabled
Select this option if the user account is enabled. Removing the check mark disables this user account.

Allow user to change password
Select this option to allow the user to change his password.

User must change password at next login
Select this option to force the user to change his password at the next login. You may also specify a Scheduler Maintenance task to do this on a regular basis, forcing the user to change his password every so often.