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Using FTP Voyager File Filters  -  KB Article #1562

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FTP Voyager's filtering options allow the files and folders being displayed to be customized for individual site profiles. This is especially useful when doing a folder Synchronization or Scheduler job when certain files should be omitted from the automated file operation.

File filters are stored per site profile. The Filter dialogue can be reached either by using Tools | Filter or by hitting the Filters button in an individual site profile. The filter dialog allows you to enter inclusive and/or exclusive file filters. Files that match the wildcards or file names in the Include tab will appear in FTP Voyager's right hand pane. Files that match the wildcards or file names in the Exclude tab will NOT appear in FTP Voyager's right hand pane.

FTP Voyager Filtering

Enabling filtering:

  • To use this dialog, enter a filename or wildcard (* or ?, see examples below) in the edit field above the Add button.
  • When complete, press the Add button. The wildcard appears in the list. To add additional wildcards or files, repeat the above operation.
  • To remove a file or wildcard, select the item in the list, then press the Remove button.
  • To apply the changes and save them with this Site Profile, press Ok.

FTP Voyager Filtering (exclude)

*Examples of wildcards:

  • *.html - files ending with .html
  • *.exe - files ending with .exe
  • ?????.html - files starting with 5 characters, followed by .html
  • [dD]efault.html - either default.html or Default.html

FTP Voyager Filtering Options

Filtering Options
The Options section of the filtering dialogue specifies what the filter settings will affect . By default, folders will not be filtered unless checked and FTP Voyager will ignore letter case, but the settings will otherwise apply to all types of transfers and both local and remote files. The Defaults button will restore the original settings for Filtering Options