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Unable to Delete or Upload a File or Folder From a Web Site  -  KB Article #1567

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Deleting a file in FTP Voyager is a simple operation, just select the file, then press the delete button, or click on the red "X" on the toolbar. The file will be deleted. If the file cannot be deleted, FTP Voyager will display a message box telling you it can't be deleted, along with the server's response to the delete (DELE) command. If you're unable to delete a file on a web server it's usually due to one of the following reasons

  • The file is currently in-use by a user of your web server. If this is the case, shut down the web server if you can, delete the file, then restart the web server. If you cannot shut down the web server, wait until the file is no longer in use, then delete the file.
  • Your account doesn't have permission to delete the file. If this is the case you'll need to change your account permissions on the FTP server, or contact your FTP server administrator to give you the proper permissions.

Normally if a file delete command fails, the server returns a short description of the error such as permission denied or file is in use or unable to delete the file.