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MDTM Causes the Server to Return an Error  -  KB Article #1571

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When connecting, FTP Voyager sends the FEAT command to the server. The FEAT command identifies to FTP Voyager which "extra" features or FTP commands the server supports. The response to this command will list MDTM if it is a supported command.

The original MDTM command is used to retrieve the date and time of a particular file. When sent, the server responds with the requested file information.

This FTP command has been extended to set the date and time of a file after uploading to preserve the local file date/time. FTP Voyager attempts to set the date and time of the file after it's been uploaded by using this extended command. If the command fails and the server returns an error, FTP Voyager stops trying to issue MDTM commands to maintain file dates and times. When this happens, an informative message appears:

COMMAND:> MDTM 20050108132421 /home/file.fid
550 20050108132421 /home/file.fid: Cannot find the path specified.
ERROR:> Unable to set file date and time. Server may not support command.

This message applies to the MDTM command only. It does not mean that there was an error with the file transfer. To eliminate the message, turn off date and time maintenance on uploads for your site profile under "Advanced | File | Keep local time...".