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Data Transfer Mode Options  -  KB Article #1603

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FTP Data transfers are carried out in one of two different modes: ASCII and binary. Although any transfer can be done using binary, the same is not true of ASCII. For a more in-depth description on the potential problems of transferring binary data in ASCII mode you can go here.

By default, FTP Voyager will automatically determine what mode to use for data transfers (ASCII or Binary). In Auto-ASCII mode, FTP voyager uses file extensions to determine which files will be transferred using ASCII mode. To view or edit the list of extensions that FTP Voyager associates with ASCII mode go to "View | Options | Auto ASCII extensions"

View | Options | Auto ASCII Extensions

In some cases, with the Auto-ASCII setting enabled, FTP Voyager will still use the non-preferred method for transferring the data. If this is the case, FTP Voyager can be forced to use a certain mode, and the change can be made either globally or on a per-site basis, but usually it will only be per-site.

To make this change, open FTP Voyager, if the site profile manager does not come up, hit connect. With the site profile manger opened, select the site, then go to "Advanced | File." At the bottom of the window that comes up you will see "Transfer Mode" with a drop down box where the mode can be specified.

Site Profile Manager

Site Profile | Advanced | File | Transfer Mode