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Serv-U Frequently Asked Questions  -  KB Article #1604

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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is intended to address the most common issues encountered when installing and configuring Serv-U on your computer.

I can't put my Serv-U domain online. I click the "Go Online" button, but the light stays red.
This occurs when Serv-U is unable to place your domain online for some reason. Details on the error that Serv-U is encountering can be found in <> | Domains | Your Domain Name | Activity | Domain Log.

My domain's log shows "SERVER IS NOT LISTENING: Port number 21 is already in use!"
Knowledge Base Article #1051 talks about this error message and how to correct it.

What IP address do I tell Serv-U to use?
Generally, it's recommended that you leave this field blank, which tells Serv-U to use any available IP address. When setting up Serv-U on a home network with a router, your computer will only have a single internal (LAN) IP address anyway. The only time you may wish to enter an IP address here is when the computer possesses multiple network interfaces and you wish to limit Serv-U's activity to one of these interfaces.

I've got Serv-U installed, but I can't connect to it. What do I do?
First, try connecting to Serv-U from a computer within your local network. If you're unable to do this, verify that you're using the correct IP address and review the above questions and answers. If you can connect locally but cannot connect from outside your network, you most likely have a router or firewall blocking access to your network. Knowledge Base Article #1044 will contain the information you need to properly configure your router.

How can I verify that the port forwards are functioning properly? How do I know my firewall is properly configured?
Knowledge Base Article #1591 will walk you through the process of verifying that a specific port is accessible to the Internet.

I've followed the instructions in Article #1044 and I know the proper ports are opened, but I still can't connect to Serv-U from an external computer. What's wrong?
Try removing your router from your network and plugging your Serv-U computer directly into the cable or DSL modem. You should shutdown the computer, power cycle the modem, plug the computer's Ethernet cable in to the modem, and then boot up the computer. Try connecting to your FTP server from an external computer now. If it works, please verify that you've followed all instructions in Article #1044 as something is still blocking the connection. If you are still unable to connect, your ISP may be blocking port 21 to prevent you from running an FTP server. Try configuring Serv-U to use an alternate port number. Make sure you update the port forward in your router/firewall to reflect this change as well.

Why are my users unable to get directory listings? Their clients hang after issuing a LIST command.
Their FTP clients are most likely using PASV mode data transfers. They can try configuring their client to use active mode (PORT) data transfers instead. The best way to solve this problem however, is to correctly configure your FTP server to handle PASV mode data transfers. Knowledge Base Article #1044 will walk you through the required steps.

I have a dynamic IP address. How can I make sure people are always able to reach my FTP server?
The best way to ensure people are able to reach your FTP server on a dynamic IP address is through usage of a dynamic DNS service. A dynamic DNS service maps a static domain name to a dynamic IP address to ensure the domain name always routes to the current address of your computer. Serv-U supports the usage of dynamic DNS services.

How do I give a user access to files and folders above their home directory?
Knowledge Base Article #1048 talks about setting up virtual path mappings in Serv-U. You might also wish to read over our July 2005 Newsletter, which discusses the same topic.

We also have answers to hundreds of questions about Serv-U available in our Online Knowledge Base. You can search for the answer to your question there with just a few simple keywords. If someone has asked our technical support department your question, chances are the answer can be found in the Knowledge Base. Serv-U also has extensive and very informative Help documentation distributed with the server. Press F1 from within the Serv-U Administrator program or select "Serv-U Help" from the Help menu.

You may also wish to submit your problem to your our technical support department via email. While RhinoSoft employees and developers do monitor and participate in these forums, they are not meant to serve as a primary means of receiving technical support. In many cases, submitting an email support request may solicit a faster response. Email support also makes the sharing of logs, configuration files, and images easier and faster.