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FTP Voyager Frequently Asked Questions  -  KB Article #1613

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Q. What is PASV mode?
A. In some firewall systems, the firewall prevents any incoming or externally-created connections from entering the system. In order to get out using FTP, the client must create the connection. The mechanism for this is PASV or Passive mode. NOTE: Not all servers support PASV.

Q. How can I access another drive in my FTP server?
A. The easiest way to access multiple volumes is to create a folder shortcut. Folder shortcuts are created by right-clicking a directory or drive on your FTP server and selecting "Create Folder Short Cut."

Q. Does FTP Voyager support connecting through a proxy server?
A. FTP Voyager supports most proxy server types. To configure FTP Voyager to access proxy server, Select View | Options, select Proxy and choose the type of proxy used on your network. SOCKS5 is the best type of proxy to use if it is available.

Q. Can I access drive D:/ on my Windows NT FTP server?
A. Use the Tools | Go to Remote Directory option and put in /d:/. Once you are there, simply create a folder shortcut to the drive for future access.

Q. Why do I receive 'Too many simultaneous logins from your IP' when I try to download a file?
A. This error indicates the FTP server limits you to one login at a time. Use FTP Voyager's connection saver feature to limit FTP Voyager to one login.

Q. Can I automate FTP Voyager?
A. FTP Voyager supports automation through the command line interface or through the FTP Voyager Scheduler.

Q. Can I upload only the changed files to the FTP Server?
A. Yes! You can use the FTP Voyager Folder Synchronize feature. The Synchronize feature is also included in FTP Voyager Scheduler so this process can also be automated.

Q. Can I find a file on my FTP Server?
A. FTP Voyager's Find Files feature, found under the Tools menu, allows you to search your server for files. Find Files can also be brought up using the F6 key on the keyboard.

Q. Can I create a 'shortcut' to a 'buried' folder on my FTP site?
A. Yes. FTP Voyager can create a Folder Shortcut to a folder buried deep in the server's directory structure in the same way it can make a shortcut to a drive.

Q. Why does FTP Voyager ask to become the default browser when I first run it? Does this effect web (html) pages.
A. FTP Voyager gives the user the chance to register it as the default client for all FTP shortcuts. This does not affect any protocol other then FTP. The Browser Integration section under View | Options

Q. Does FTP Voyager support server-to-server (FXP) file transfers?
A. FTP Voyager makes server-to-server (FXP) transfers a simple drag-and-drop operation between two FTP Voyager sessions.

Q. After upgrading, FTP Voyager reverts back to an unregistered version.
A. FTP Voyager includes one or two years of upgrades. If your FTP Voyager license has expired, you'd need to either purchase an update or install the older version of FTP Voyager you're licensed for. Both of these options are available from our Customer Service center.

Q. I have an older version of FTP Voyager that I need to re-install. Where can I find the old installations of FTP Voyager?
A. Downloads of older versions of our software are available from our Customer Service center.