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Updating the AllegroSurf Ad Database  -  KB Article #1617

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In order to keep your web surfing experience the fastest one possible, we are always updating the ad database.

Downloading the Ad Database

Updating the ad database is a simple procedure.

Download the database file and place in the directory where AllegroSurf is installed. Open AllegroSurf to the main window, open the Filtering section, and click on Ad Database. Click on the Import button, browse to the location the ad database was placed, and click on Open.

The ad database will now add these new sites to your current list of ad sites. This way, any sites that you specify manually aren't overwritten.

Manually Adding a Site to the Database

It is also possible to add sites to the list manually. In order to make AllegroSurf more user-friendly and customizable, you can enter sites into the list manually that have gotten past AllegroSurf's built-in filters.

  1. Open AllegroSurf to the main window, open the Filtering section, and click on Ad Database.
  2. You will need to know the address that the ad was loaded from. This can usually be done by clicking on "View Source" within your web browser while open to the page with the ad and looking for the source code that loads the add.
  3. In the box on the right of the screen (above a grayed out "Add" button), type in the domain name and extension that the ad was loaded from, such as (ignore the www part of the address).
  4. Click on the "Add" button to add this to the list.
  5. In your web browser, hold the "Ctrl" button on the keyboard while clicking on the refresh button of your browser. The ad should no longer appear in the webpage.

If you find a site that has an ad on it which AllegroSurf does not filter, please feel free to send it to our Support department and we will add it to the database.