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Using RealPlayerâ„¢ with AllegroSurf   -  KB Article #1623

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When using programs such as RealPlayer that run streaming audio and video from the Internet, you will need configure the connection to use AllegroSurf. Although RealPlayer tries to set itself up for your proxy server by borrowing your browser's settings, it will not automatically make all the changes that are required. Follow these simple steps to complete the configuration of RealPlayer with AllegroSurf.

First, we're going to verify that it has set up the proxy server correctly from your browser's settings.

  1. Start RealPlayer.
  2. From the View menu, select Preferences.
  3. Click on the Proxy tab of the Preferences menu.
  4. Make sure that the radio button labeled Manually configure HTTP proxy is selected.
  5. The Proxy Server and Port box should show the IP Address and Port number (usually port 80) of your server computer.
  6. Select "Use RTSP proxy".
  7. Enter the server IP address for the RTSP proxy server, and enter the port number (usually 554).
  8. Click on OK to accept these changes.

There are a few more changes that need to be done in order for AllegroSurf to work properly.

  1. From the View menu, select Preferences.
  2. Click on the Transport tab of the Preferences menu.
  3. Select the Use specified transports radio button.
  4. Click on the RTSP Settings... button.
  5. Select the Use TCP to Connect radio button.
  6. Select the Attempt to use TCP for all content check box.
  7. Click on OK to accept this change.
  8. Click on the PNA Settings... button.
  9. Select the Use HTTP Only radio button.
  10. Click on OK to accept this change.
  11. Click on OK to finish configuring RealPlayer.