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Downloading Files in Full Mode  -  KB Article #1627

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Downloading files in FTP Voyager is very simple, and can be performed in a few different ways. To download a file means to copy a file from an FTP or remote server to your computer or hard drive. This means that, upon successful completion of the transfer, your computer will have a copy of the downloaded file on your computer, on your hard drive, in the folder of your choice.

To download a file from an FTP server, you must first be connected to the server. When connected to a server you'll see a display with files and/or folders in the Remote List, and information in the log pane.

The easiest way to download files is to use Drag and Drop. To download a file, such as 00index.txt in the picture above, simply click on "00index.txt" or its icon to select the file, without releasing the left mouse button, then move your mouse pointer to the Local List and release.

While the file is downloading, additional information appears in the Log Pane, Transfer Pane, a pop-up transfer dialog appears, and the file is transferred. After the file is completely downloaded the file appears in the Local List at the bottom of the list of files.

NOTE: if you drag and drop onto a folder (such as "Music" or "Templates" as shown above) the file is downloaded into the folder upon which the file was dropped.

Pop-Up Context Menu
Another method to download a file is to use the pop-up context menu. To download using this method, select the file with your mouse (releasing the mouse button), and then press the right mouse button on the file. The following menu appears. Select "Download" to begin downloading the selected file to the folder open in the Local Pane.

Pop-Up Context Menu

NOTE: selecting Download from the Remote Pane's toolbar has the same effect as using the right mouse click context menu.

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