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Using FTP Voyager in Simple Mode  -  KB Article #1631

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You have selected the Simple Mode tutorial for FTP Voyager. This tutorial will help you to understand the layout and some of the features of FTP Voyager while running in simple mode. The following image shows FTP Voyager's Simple Mode panes:

Simple Mode Panes

Log Pane
The Log Pane is the upper pane while running in FTP Voyager. The Log Pane shows the commands and responses between your computer and the FTP server. The information here shows you that FTP Voyager is working with your server, and is also a good diagnostic tool for technical support.

Remote Pane
The Remote Pane, when connected to an FTP server, shows the contents of folders on the remote computer (FTP server). The Remote Pane works in the same fashion as the Local Pane. Double click on a desired folder, select from the combo box, or use the Up Dir button to change directories.

Local Pane
The Local Pane shows files and folders that are on your hard drive. To move to a different folder select from the combo box on the Local Pane toolbar or double click on the desired folder.

Connecting and Transferring Files
Click here to learn how to connect to an FTP server , or click one of the other links below.

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Uploading in Simple Mode
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