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Connecting in Simple Mode  -  KB Article #1632

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When FTP Voyager starts in Simple Mode, it prompts you with three choices:

Connection Wizard

NOTE: a site profile is how FTP Voyager stores information about how to connect to any given FTP server. It stores information such as site name or IP address, user ID, password, default directory, and other important information. FTP Voyager comes configured with many different anonymous site profiles. You can also create profiles for your own use.

Existing Site Profile
Use an EXISTING site profile allows you to select from a simple tree of already saved site profiles. The selection of site profiles ranges from ones you have entered to those that come with FTP Voyager. When this option is selected, the following dialog appears. Select the OK button to connect to the site listed in the left side tree.

Select Profile

New Site Profile
Create a NEW site profile starts the FTP Site Profile Wizard that steps you through several simple questions to help you create and save a new Site Profile. When this wizard completes you are prompted to edit or connect to the site specified by this Site Profile.

Site Profile Manager
Use the Site Profile MANAGER starts the FTP Voyager Site Profile Manager, allowing you to connect to and edit any of the stored Site Profiles. After selecting or creating a new Site Profile, select the Connect button to connect to the selected FTP site.

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