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Connecting to an AS/400 FTP Server with FTP Voyager  -  KB Article #1636

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When connecting to an FTP service on an AS/400 server, FTP Voyager needs to issue an additional command to the server in order to properly list directory contents. FTP Voyager must be configured to send the command "SITE NAMEFMT 1" to the server immediately after connection.

  • Select a the site profile of the AS/400 computer to connect to (or create a new site profile for this purpose)
  • Select "Advanced."
  • Click "Custom Commands."
  • Select "Add."
Custom Command Entry
  • Under Name, select a descriptive name for this command (i.e.: AS400 Connect)
  • Under "Command," put this string (without quotes): "SITE NAMEFMT 1"
  • Click "OK."
  • Select your custom command. Place a check in the "Execute immediately after login" box.
Site Profile | Advanced | Custom Commands

FTP Voyager is now ready to connect to the AS/400 server.