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Universal Plug & Play Support in Serv-U  -  KB Article #1639

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Serv-U 6.2 and above fully support Universal Plug & Play (UPNP). This allows Serv-U to autonomously configure a router/firewall to open all the ports required for full FTP functionality automatically.

UPnP is designed to streamline configurationn for networked applications. Configuring Serv-U for UPnP support is very simple.

  • First, make certain UPnP is enabled on your router/firewall. This setting varies by model of router.
  • Next, set Serv-U to “Auto-configure firewall through UPnP" under Server Limits & Settings | Settings | Network Settings
  • Serv-U is now configured for UPnP. It should forward ports in the router/firewall automatically.

Enabling UPnP in Serv-U

NOTE: Serv-U will limit the PASV port range to 5 ports in order to comply with UPnP restrictions on how many ports can be forwarded through UPnP. In many cases it will take several minutes for the UPnP discovery to program the router/firewall for FTP.

UPnP messages are logged under the server's "Session Log" tab, found inside under "Server | Activity."

UPnP definition