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Installing and Configuring AllegroSurf  -  KB Article #1643

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Installing and Configuring AllegroSurf is quick and straightforward. The following steps will walk through the configuration.

Download the Latest Version of AllegroSurf

The first step to installing AllegroSurf is to download the latest release to your local drive. The latest release of AllegroSurf can always be found at our AllegroSurf Downloads page.

Run the AllegroSurf Installation Program

  1. Navigate to the path the AllegroSurf setup application was downloaded to. This file is named as-setup.exe.
  2. Double click this file; this will start the install shield wizard.
  3. The Install Shield Wizard will ask you to specify a location on your local drive to install AllegroSurf to. You can simply accept the default path: c:\program files\\AllegroSurf
  4. Setup will now copy files to your local drive and will create icons in the start menu.

Configure AllegroSurf for a Single Computer or a Network

Detailed setup instructions can be found at the locations below for using AllegroSurf with a single computer or for a network.

Configuring AllegroSurf for a Single Computer
Configuring AllegroSurf for a Network