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How to Configure AllegroSurf for a Single Computer  -  KB Article #1644

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If you arrived directly at this article, the first part of this tutorial can be found here.

The AllegroSurf installation program will automatically change Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to use AllegroSurf when using the Web.

After the files for AllegroSurf have been copied to your hard drive, you will be prompted to enter the address of the proxy server. AllegroSurf automatically assumes a localhost (i.e. the proxy server IS your computer). Click on Next, and these settings will be changed for your browser.

AllegroSurf will now ask you if you would like to create a client browser setup disk. This is only needed for Network installs of AllegroSurf. You will select No.

In order to take advantage of AllegroSurf's more advanced features, open the main window by double-clicking on the icon in your taskbar. All AllegroSurf settings are configured using the AllegroSurf's main interface (the AllegroSurf Voyager). The main interface options are below:

  • Monitor - This is where AllegroSurf displays what it is doing to make your web surfing experience a faster one. The Performance folder will show you what AllegroSurf has done up to this point and provide you with some valuable system status information.
  • Filtering - This gives control over the content that is viewed on this computer. The ad-blocking feature is also controlled from here. Sites can be specifically banned or allowed, and custom filtering rules can be applied to specified sites.
  • Prefetch - You can enable and disable prefetching of web pages from here. You can also specify certain extensions of pages/files that you don't want prefetched and even specify entire sites you do not want prefetched.
  • Scheduler - The Scheduler allows sites to be downloaded on a regular schedule by AllegroSurf. In addition, maintenance tasks can be set up to allow AllegroSurf to clean up data, build reports, or even stop and start the individual proxies.
  • Storage - AllegroSurf's cache is managed under the Storage window. You can specify the location of the cache, size, extensions you do not wish to be cached in addition to specific sites. The "Clear Disk Cache" button clears the AllegroSurf cache, which can be useful if a site is not appearing correctly because it is cached.
  • Administration - The administration screen contains AllegroSurf configuration options that do not fit well under any other category. It is also where internet connection settings are configured as well as the admin username and password under the login submenu.

Changes to these options take effect upon clicking on the apply button in the window or when changing from one option to the other.