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Silent Installation Options for Serv-U  -  KB Article #1650

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Since version 7.0, Serv-U has supported silent installation and upgrades, a.k.a. unattended installation, through the /silent command-line parameter on Windows, and the --mode silent parameter on Linux.

The silent option will not ask any questions but it still shows a progress dialog as the files are copied to disk if used interactively. To use this flag on Windows, type Serv-U-Setup.exe /silent at a command line, preferably a command line shell running as an administrator.

To use this flag on Linux, type --mode silent after the installer file name.

No silent installation options are available at this time. A silent installation uses the automatically generated default values for installation location (e.g., "C:\Program Files\RhinoSoft\Serv-U" on a 64-bit Windows machine) and Start menu location (e.g., "Serv-U") but doesn't add any domains or users.

To capture a log of the installation, include a "/LOG=[path]" argument in the command-line, e.g., "servusetup.exe /LOG=D:\temp\su-install.log"

To automate the creation of domains, users and other Serv-U entities, please send us a Technical Support request.

To perform an unattended upgrade you may also run "serv-u-setup.exe /silent" to apply the upgrade.

Installation on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Core requires the use of the "/silent" option.

Unsupported Versions (Serv-U 6.4 and Previous Versions)

Serv-U 6.4 and previous versions supported silent installation by using the command line parameters /silent -- or -- /verysilent. The /silent option did not ask any questions but still displayed a progress dialog as the files are copied to disk. The /verysilent option never displayed any dialogs, however it sometimes rebooted installer's computer without prompting when the installation determined that a reboot was necessary after installation.

Silent installation options on early versions of Serv-U were:

  • /DIR="x:\dirname" - to override default installation directory (fully qualified pathname required)
  • /GROUP="folder name" - to override the default start menu group name
  • /COMPONENTS="comma separated list of component names" - to specify the components to install. If this was not specified, all components were installed. The component names were "daemon" and "admin", although the admin component was always installed regardless of whether or not it was specified. (Supported in versions 6.2-6.4 only.)