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Configuring a Site Profile to Connect to an FTP Server  -  KB Article #1657

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Configuring FTP Voyager to connect to a FTP server is very easy and requires only a few simple steps.

There are two different "Modes" that FTP Voyager can run in, simple and standard mode. To verify which one you are using open FTP Voyager then go to "Options" located on the menu bar. If simple mode is unchecked, then you are using standard mode.

First select the connection button, this will bring up the site profile manager

Connection buttons for standard mode

With the connection manager opened, there are four fields that will need to be filled in:

  • Name: This a reference name, the information placed here will not affect the site profile.
  • FTP Site: This is will either be an IP address or a fully qualified domain name, whichever it is, it will be supplied to you by the server administrator
  • User ID: Anonymous login needs to be unchecked to enter information into this field
  • Password: This information along with the username will be supplied by the FTP Server administrator
Site profile manager

Note: The default directory should be left blank unless you are sure the path entered is correct.

Once the information is entered, hit the connect button to connect to the FTP server.

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