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Field Mapping Options for Importing AllegroSurf Users  -  KB Article #1660

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AllegroSurf can import user accounts from a text list. The columns of data must be mapped to the matching fields in AllegroSurf when the users are imported. The field mapping options available for the import wizard are below. The only "required" field is User ID, but many of the other fields are very useful for user creation. Any field with options of 0 or 1 is a checkbox where 0 means unchecked and 1 means checked. The default value for any checkbox is in bold. If the data for a certain field (such as Description) contains a comma, the data for that column must be enclosed in double quotes.

User ID: This is the userid, used to log into AllegroSurf. This field must be alphanumeric.
Real Name: The user's real name. This field must be alphanumeric.
Password: The password to be set for the user account. If a password is pre-set for imported accounts, it is recommended to also set the User Must Change Password at Next Login to 1 so your users will not all have the same password.
Description: A text string describing the user account. Frequently used to list titles or departments
Account Enabled: (0,1) Determines whether the newly imported account is enabled.
Allow Password Change: (0,1) If checked, the user can manage their own password. Usually set to 1 for individual accounts and set to 0 for group accounts such as an account used for a computer lab's generic internet access.
User Must Change Password at Next Login: (0,1) If checked, the user must change their password the next time they log in.
Group: If the user is a member of a group, it can be set here. This should be a text string listing the group(s) the user account should be a member of, if any. Multiple groups can be separated by spaces
Audit Enabled: (0,1) Enables user auditing. Disabled by default. All other auditing options are enabled by default, so if this box is checked and no other auditing options are set, all auditing is enabled for this user. If unchecked, no logging will be done, even if all the other logging options are set.
Audit Session Creation: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf logs user sessions being created (opened)
Audit Session Termination: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf logs any user session being ended
Audit License Violations: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf notes when a session is not allowed due to a license violation (too many users connected)
Audit Session Traffic: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf tracks the amount of traffic.
Audit Banned Access: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf logs any attempt to access banned sites
Audit Request Detail: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf logs the URLs being requested by the user
Audit User Login: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf logs the user's login events
Audit User Logout: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf lots the user's logout events
Audit User Configuration Changes: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf tracks any changes made to the user's account
Audit Authorization Failures: (0,1) If set, AllegroSurf keeps track of the number and time of failed login attempts
IP Addresses: A list of IP addresses can be set for the Assume interface. Multiple IP addresses or ranges can be separated by spaces. Any time a login comes from an "Assumed" IP address, the user account will not need to log in.

A sample user import list is below:

ID,Real Name,Password,AllowPassChange,MustChangePassword
ITSupport,IT Department Login,complexstring,0,0
bjones,Bob Jones,new,1,1
swilliams,Susan Williams,new,1,1
public,Public Login Account,public,0,0

The example above contains a few normal users whose passwords are simple and need to be reset as soon as they log in, as well as a general IT login and a public login that might be used for a computer lab where everyone is allowed limited access to the Internet. Please note that the generic accounts are configured to be unable to change their own passwords.

Importing AllegroSurf Users: Field Mapping Dialogue