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Remote Computer Support with DNS4Me and VNC  -  KB Article #1664

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One of the most powerful uses of DNS4Me is to assist in setting up a connection to remote control/administer another computer. Most home users and many small offices do not have a static IP, so setting up a remote admin session is very difficult because the IP address changes. However, if a DNS4Me client is running at a location, a remote connection tool such as VNC can use the DNS4Me address to connect.

RealVNC is a freely available remote control application. It uses a single TCP port to provide a connection between two computers. In order to use DNS4Me and RealVNC, please follow these instructions:

DNS4Me Configuration VNC Server Configuration
  • Download VNC Free Edition
  • Install VNC Server.
    Installing VNC server
  • If you want the VNC connection to be available all the time, configure VNC as a service. If you want the VNC server to be activated only when the user starts it manually, do not install it as a service.
    Installing VNC as a service
  • Configure VNC. If VNC is set up as a system service, start it. You can access VNC by double-clicking on the icon in the system tray. Tray Icon
  • Under the Authentication tab, select VNC Password Authentication, click Configure and set a password. A strong password is recommended, as anyone using VNC to connect will have full access to this computer.
    Authentication tab
  • Select the Connections tab. Set a different port number value under Accept Connections on port than 5900 (the default). Connections tab
  • Select OK.
  • Finally, configure the router/firewall for this computer to allow the port that was specified for VNC. We do have an example of how to configure a router available on our website.
  • Now the computer is ready for remote control.
Connecting (VNC Viewer)

To connect to VNC, simply install the VNC Viewer on the computer you want to initiate remote access from, and connect to your DNS4Me name and port separated by a colon, as in the example below:

VNC Viewer connection window

NOTE: There are many other remote control options. Some of the most popular are Windows Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance

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