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Errors Installing or Upgrading to the Latest Versions of Serv-U  -  KB Article #1678

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If errors are encountered while attempting to upgrade to a newer version of Serv-U, we suggest following this procedure before contacting the RhinoSoft support team.:

  1. Back up your Serv-U settings as described at Knowledge Base Article #1047
  2. Shutdown the Serv-U server by closing the Serv-U Management Console, then right clicking on the Serv-U Tray Icon and selecting "Stop Serv-U".
  3. Shut down the Tray Icon by right clicking it and selecting "Exit Tray"
  4. Open Microsoft Windows Task Manager by right mouse clicking the task bar and selecting Task Manager
  5. Open the "Processes" tab, and "Right Click | End Process" any processes named Serv-U.exe or Serv-U-Tray.exe
  6. Uninstall Serv-U using the Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
  7. Reboot the machine
  8. Install the latest Version of Serv-U
  9. Restore your Serv-U settings using the directions at Knowledge Base Article #1047

NOTE 1: Some antivirus vendors will block Serv-U installations or upgrades if they are falsely detecting Serv-U as a virus. To mitigate this, temporarily disable the antivirus scanner for the install/upgrade, then turn it back on and add Serv-U as an exception.