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Serv-U ODBC Domains Don't Work In 64-bit Windows (Serv-U 9.4 and Previous)  -  KB Article #1692

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Serv-U 10.0+

Serv-U 10.0 and above run as a native 64-bit application in Windows, and so ODBC connections for Serv-U can be created in the default location of "Windows Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC)". Serv-U requires that a "Server DSN" be created if Serv-U is running as a service (the standard running mode), and a User DSN must be created instead if Serv-U is running as an application (less common).

Serv-U 9.4 and Previous

Serv-U 9.4 (and previous versions) is fully compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows. However, it still runs as a 32-bit application, so to support integration with ODBC databases a 32-bit ODBC driver must be used to create the connection. This is due to an incompatibility between 64-bit ODBC drivers and 32-bit applications.

To set up a 32-bit ODBC connection using a 32-bit ODBC driver, run the 32-bit ODBC manager which is available at C:\Windows\syswow64\odbcad32.exe. This will allow you to create a DSN that will be compatible with Serv-U.