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Creating Serv-U Groups  -  KB Article #1697

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When administering a group of users who need access to a specific folder or set of folders(such as a specific team or department), it can be useful to configure a group in order to provide blanket permissions instead of bothering with individual permissions for each new user. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Serv-U Management Console
  • Navigate to Groups (or Global Groups)
  • Select "Add"
  • Name the group, and configure options (Groups can be assigned the same configuration options as users, and the options will be inherited by all members)
  • Click Save
  • Open individual user accounts and navigate to the Groups tab to add users to groups

Managing Groups In Serv-U 7.0+

All versions of Serv-U after 7.0 feature vastly improved support for groups. Now, not only can groups be used to delegate directory access permissions and IP Access rules, but they can also be used to provide settings like user home directories, delegate administrative privileges, grant access to Virtual Paths, and trigger custom events and more just like individual user accounts. Any setting that can be configured at the User level can be configured at the Group level, and all members will inherit group settings unless the setting is specifically overridden in the individual user account.

Using Groups to set Home Directories

Serv-U Groups can be used to set a standard Home Directory that is shared by all the users in your group, and offers two powerful options in the form of "Macros". The %USER% macro can be used in the Home Directory field to create individual user home directories that requires only a single configuration. For example, using D:\ftp\%USER% as a Home Directory will automatically create a Home Directory corresponding to the user name. Then, you can set the Directory Access rule to the %HOME% macro so that all members have access to their home directory automatically, no matter which user is a member of the group.

Configuring Directory Access Rules with Windows Users

Serv-U 9 features the ability to grant access to paths based on Windows accounts on a per-rule basis. This allows you to grant access to UNC paths throughout your network without needing to modify the properties of the Serv-U service. To do so, simply edit a Directory Access rule and click on "Advanced". An extra pop-out will prompt you for the Windows user settings to be associated with this rule. Keep in mind that when the password or properties of this Windows user change, the Directory Access rule will change also, so it is advised to only use this option in Groups.