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Internet Explorer 7 Security Prevents FTP Voyager JV Download  -  KB Article #1718

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Internet Explorer 7 requires manual confirmation of automated file downloads as part of its new security architecture. However, this action blocks the automatic download of the FTP Voyager JV web start, requiring manual confirmation each time that FTP Voyager JV is started. The recommended resolution is to add Serv-U to the Trusted Sites security category and modify the security settings for Trusted Sites to allow FTP Voyager JV to launch automatically. First, add Serv-U as a Trusted Site using the steps below:

  • Open the Tools | Internet Options menu in Internet Explorer
  • Open the Security tab
  • Select "Trusted Sites", and click "Sites"
  • Uncheck the "Require server verification" option, then enter the URL of the Serv-U File Server in the entry field and select "Add"
  • Click "Close"

Once these steps are completed, continue on to configure the security settings for Trusted Sites.

  • Select "Custom Level" while configuring the Trusted Sites zone.
  • Make sure that "ActiveX Controls and plug-ins | Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls" is set to "Enable"
  • Make sure that "Downloads | Automatic prompting for file downloads" is set to "Enable"
  • Click "OK"
  • Click OK again to exit Internet Properties