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Changing The Output Of $Time When Serv-U Is A Service  -  KB Article #1720

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Serv-U offers the use of a large set of system variables that can be configured in Welcome Messages and broadcast messages. One of these is the $Time variable, which shows the current time as defined by the System Locale. The System Locale defines a set of regional formatting options such as Date/Time formatting, default currency, and more.

To determine what time format to use for the $Time variable, Serv-U checks the User Locale (when running as an application) or the System Locale (when running as a system service). If you find that the $Time variable is not displaying the same time format as you see in the system clock of the server on which Serv-U is installed, it is because the User Locale is not the same as the System Locale, and Serv-U uses the System Locale when installed as a service. To resolve this, simply correct the System Locale by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Control Panel | Regional And Language | Formats"
  • Set the Format to the correct region, and click "OK"
  • Reboot the server

When the server comes back online, Serv-U will report the time using that System Locale.