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Client / Server Identification (CSID)  -  KB Article #1741

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The CSID command is used to identify the client software to the server. The response is used to identify the server to the client and provide important information about the server to the client. This command supersedes the CLNT command. When the command is sent to the server, the client must identify itself:

CSID Name=FTP Voyager; Version=;

"Name" and "Version" are the only parameters supported. The server responds with information helpful to the client, for example:

200 Name=Serv-U; Version=; OS=Windows XP; OSVer=5.1.2600; CaseSensitive=0; DirSep=/;

The "CaseSensitive" flag is used to indicate to the client whether or not the server's platform uses a case sensitive file system. The "DirSep" parameter is used to inform the client of the character used to separate directories on the server's file system.

Only the "CaseSensitive" and "DirSep" parameters are required in the server's response. The remaining parameters are optional and may not be provided if the server administrator would rather keep that information private.

Common Responses
500, 502

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