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Antivirus Software Interferes With Serv-U Installation  -  KB Article #1743

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When upgrading Serv-U from previous versions, the installation program will automatically shut down any currently running copies of Serv-U to prevent errors during the installation process. This allows for a quick, easy upgrade and minimal potential issues.

However, RhinoSoft has found that some anti-virus programs can interfere with this function of the Serv-U installer, preventing it from shutting down previous installations. This can result in errors during installation or damaged installations (particularly when upgrading from Serv-U 6.x to Serv-U 7+, where the Serv-U 6.x files are not properly backed up to the _backup folder).

The most common errors which will indicate the issue during the installation are:

In Serv-U 7+

In Serv-U 6.x

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Manually shut down Serv-U by right clicking on the Tray Icon, choosing "Stop Serv-U", and then right clicking on the Tray Icon and choosing Exit Tray.

  2. Shut down any running anti-virus software before installing Serv-U.

If You Have Already Upgraded And See Two Tray Icons

Some anti-virus programs will allow Serv-U to upgrade, but will interfere with the upgrade process. The most common indicator of this issue when upgrading from Serv-U 6.x to Serv-U 7+ is that both the old Serv-U Tray Icon and the new Serv-U Tray Icon can be seen in the system tray, running concurrently.

If this is the case, the best solution is to back up your installation using the steps at Knowledge Base Article #1047, uninstall Serv-U, then reinstall and restore the files backed up previously to ensure a clean installation.

Serv-U Service Cannot Start

If the Serv-U service cannot start and the desktop icons are not able to bring the server online, another program on the computer (most likely antivirus software) has prevented the installer from updating the Serv-U Service entry in Windows. To correct this failure while preserving settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Disable antivirus software
  2. Copy the .ini files from the _backup folder (usually C:\Program Files\RhinoSoft\Serv-U\_backup) to the desktop
  3. Uninstall Serv-U 7+
  4. Reinstall Serv-U 6.x
  5. Stop Serv-U 6, copy the .ini files into the installation directory, then start Serv-U 6
  6. Upgrade again using the latest version of Serv-U
  7. Reenable antivirus software