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Serv-U 7 No Longer Allows Read-Only File Deletions  -  KB Article #1746

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Serv-U 7+ introduces a important change that secures the way that read-only files and folders are treated by Serv-U during client interactions.

Serv-U 6.x allowed users to delete files and folders marked as read-only in the file system (configured by right clicking the file/folder and clicking the check box for "Read-only"), though it did not allow users to edit those files.

Starting with Serv-U 7+, if a file is marked as "Read-only" in the file system, it cannot be edited, written to, or deleted by any Serv-U user unless the read-only flag is removed. This can be done by changing the file properties from within Windows or by using the SITE CHMOD command from an FTP client. Because the HTTP, HTTPS and SFTP protocols do not have a method of using the SITE CHMOD command, users restricted to these protocols must contact the server administrator to have the flags removed before editing or deleting those files.