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Granting Access To All UNC Paths  -  KB Article #1747

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Serv-U 7 introduces a security update which impacts the granting of access rights to UNC paths.

In previous versions of Serv-U, granting directory access to the path "\" was sufficient to allow users to access not only all directories on the server, but all UNC paths across the network as long as the Serv-U service had access to those directories. This could present a security risk as the "backslash" path should only refer to local drives and not network drives. This only affected system administrators who granted access to the whole server to users.

As of Serv-U 7, a separate rule must be created to grant network-wide access. The rule must grant access "\\*", using the double back slash to indicate a UNC path and the asterisk wildcard to indicate that access is granted to all servers. Administrators must be especially careful with this type of rule, as it grants unfettered access network-wide and can be abused by a malicious user.