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Outpost Security Suite Blocks Serv-U Mangement Console  -  KB Article #1755

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Outpost Security Suite Pro is known to implement an "Anti-Leak" feature which can prevent the Serv-U Tray Icon from commucating with the Serv-U engine - this will cause the Management Console to appear white and blank, and prevent any type of configuration attempts.

To get around this limitation, the Anti-Leak option must be disabled for the Serv-U-Tray.exe process. Follow the directions below to configure this:

  1. Right click on the Outpost Tray Icon and select "Show/Hide"

  2. Click the "Settings" button on the main Outpost window

  3. Highlight the "Serv-U-Tray.exe" process, and select "Anti-Leak"

  4. Open the "Options" tab, and disable the "Content Filtering" option as shown

Once these steps are completed, you'll need to exit the Management Console - once it is re-opened, content will display as intended.