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FTP Voyager Wildcard Characters  -  KB Article #1767

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FTP Voyager supports the use of wildcard characters for file searching. Specifying wildcards during file searching can help narrow down or widen the search for similar file patterns. Below are examples of wildcards.

* - The asterisk can be used in place of ANY file name or ANY file extension.

Example. *.txt will find ANY file name that end with the extension .txt, *.* will find ANY file name that also ends with ANY file extension.

? - Question marks can be used used to find any file name with a specific number of characters contained within the file name.

Example. ????.txt will find all file names with 4 characters (since there is 4 question marks) ending in .txt .

[ ] - Brackets can be used to search for ALL characters contained within the brackets. Example. [tT]estfile.txt will locate all files with "t" and "T" before ending with "estfile.txt". since only the "t" and "T" characters are specified within the brackets.