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Serv-U 7 vs Serv-U 6  -  KB Article #1769

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The design of the original Serv-U is a model design for the software industry. This original design made the transition from the 16-bit Windows 3.1 to the 32-bit versions of Windows we use today - all the way up to Windows Vista. Many other major programs have failed this test of time and were scrapped with each major platform revision. Serv-U was not one of these programs.

However, in order to satisfy the stated goal of meeting customers' current and future file sharing needs, we determined the best course of action was a redesign built with this long-standing goal in mind. This has allowed us to make great strides in the form and function of Serv-U, adding new features while continuing to provide the robust, easy to use feature set that has made Serv-U a leader in the file server industry.

Because Serv-U 7 is a completely new, rewritten version of the Serv-U line, bugs or other problems which may affect it do not affect any previous versions of Serv-U, which are based on a completely different source code base. As always, RhinoSoft is committed to resolving problems as soon as they arise - if you believe you have discovered a problem in Serv-U, we urge you to contact us at Support so that we can rectify the problem.