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Calculating Directory Access Values For CSV and ODBC  -  KB Article #1776

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Calculating DirAccess Values

When creating users by CSV file (KB Article #1716) or directly in an ODBC database (KB Article #1748), it is necessary to tell Serv-U programatically what permissions the user will be granted. The permissions must be specified in a specific format determined via the method outlined below:

To calculate the value of a DirAccess entry, the appropriate values (represented in hexadecimal below) must be added and converted to decimal, then used in the DirAccess column of the CSV file. Each value represents a specific bit which can be turned on or off by adding or removing that value. For example, to grant Read/Write/List access, you add:


This value must then be converted to hex, which can be done by opening the Windows Calculator (Start | All Programs | Accessories | Calculator), changing it to Scientific Mode (View | Scientific Mode), selecting Hex, typing in the value, then selecting "Dec" for an automatic conversion. For example, hexadecimal 103 and decimal 259 are the same value. 259 is the value that should be entered in the DirAccess column for the appropriate user. The values of all permissions are listed below.

File Permissions Read = 0x00000001
Write = 0x00000002
Append = 0x00000004
Delete = 0x00000008
Rename = 0x00000010
Execute = 0x00000020

Directory Permissions List = 0x00000100
Create = 0x00000200
Remove = 0x00000400
Rename = 0x00000800

Subdirectory Permissions Inherit = 0x00001000