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Manually Managing Serv-U's Database  -  KB Article #1779

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Serv-U's ODBC database functionality allows it to be tied into existing account provisioning systems, greatly simplifying account management when databases are already used for authentication. While RhinoSoft does not support custom database integration, we have provided below a list of the bare minimum tables/columns that must be available for users to authenticate properly.

"Users" Table

  • LoginID - String value containing the username of the account
  • PasswordChangedOn - Integer value calculated using time_t, showing the last date the password was changed on
  • PasswordEncrypted - If the password is encrypted using the methods described at KB Article #1177, this value must be 1. If the password is stored plaintext, enter 0.
  • HomeDir - Enter the full path to the user's home directory
  • LockInHomeDir - If the user must be locked into their home directory, enter 1. If not, enter 0.

"UserDirAccess" Table

  • LoginID - String value containing the username to which the rule will apply
  • SortIndex - The order in which the rule will be processed for the user specified in "LoginID"
  • Dir - The directory of the Dir Access rule
  • Access - The privileges granted, caluclated using the directions at KB Article #1776
  • MaxSize - If applicable, the maximum size the directory may reach before no more uploads are allowed

NOTE: Information about user accounts is loaded into memory when a user logs into Serv-U. If a change to a user account is written manually to the database, it can cause this information to be overwritten. Manually coded mechanisms must be able to wait for a user to log off before writing changes to ensure they are saved properly.

Serv-U DB Integration Guide

Our Serv-U Database Integration Guide (PDF) contains complete information about the process of setting up a third-party database with Serv-U.