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User/Group Statistics In Serv-U  -  KB Article #1782

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In the Serv-U File Server, administrators can view statistics about individual users and groups to gain perspective about the system resources consumed by users or groups of users as well as view current utilization statistics.

To enable User/Group Statistics, you have a Serv-U MFT Server . If you do not and would like this powerful feature, please contact us at for assistance in upgrading!

Once a Serv-U MFT Server license is installed, "User/Group Statistics" will become an accessible menu under the "Domain Activity" and "Server Activity" menus. To view, click on the "User/Group Statistics" (usually from the Domain Activity menu) and then select the user you wish to view statistics for. The page will show the stats of the first user in the Default "Collection" - to select a specific user, use the drop-down list to select the "Collection" the user is contained in (usually "Default), selecting the user from the "User" list. To select a Group to view stats on, click on the "Group" button in the left-hand portion of the menu.